Dale City '"Lightning" Track Club Inc. (DCTC) is a nonprofit organization with a mission of empowering youth through the sport of track and field. DCTC empowers youth to develop their athletic ability, leadership skills, sportsmanship, while combating juvenile delinquency, obesity and encouraging participation in school and community programs. DCTC offers a fun, competitive and informative approach to the sport of track and field.

DCTC trains over 300 youth ages 4 - 18 annually and provides athletes with volunteer and leadership opportunities within the community. DCTC makes a positive impact on student athletes, parents and the sport by collaborating with coaches and schools to offer joint programming for family events, seminars, clinics and college readiness workshops. DCTC boasts athletes that have earned National Indoor, Outdoor and Cross Country championship honors, as well as athletes attending universities on scholarship. DCTC was named the 2019 National Club of the Year by the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) for merit based on athletes’ success and work in the community.

DCTC programs embrace a team environment that supports youth emotionally and socially through their involvement. Youth that are involved in these programs improve their physical strength, conditioning and build a positive self-image. DCTC’s programming is based on three pillars of youth success: Youth Fitness and Athletic Development, Youth Academic Competency and Community Service. These three areas serve as the basis for goals set each year to provide opportunities for youth participating in DCTC.


DCTC participates in competitive track and field events sanctioned by USA Track and Field (USATF) and the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). DCTC athletes have competed in and won select championships at the local, State, Regional and National levels. 

2019 National Track and Field Club of the Year (Amateur Athletic Union, AAU)

2019 Top 100 Club by Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)

2018 Track and Field District Club of the Year for Virginia (Virginia AAU Association)

2018 Agnes L. Colgan Community Service, Prince William Chamber Of Commerce Award Nominee

2015 Dale City Multicultural Achievement Award for Community Service

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